Tuesday 9 July 2024

June Grampian Area Group Report


Tony and John have continued working on the ground cover on the goods yard and Roy has been busy with the scenics, including some tree building, on the viaduct board ready for the visit to the Perth Exhibition. Mike has continued modelling the buildings and is now down to his last five.

The highlight of the month was the Perth Exhibition where we had the viaduct board as a demonstration along with a small screen showing some of Mike's buildings and photos of the full layout as it was at the Aberdeen Exhibition in October. We picked up quite a lot of information from people who knew the area and also a possible source of information for the sub station. During the course of the weekend a couple of bridge engineers paid the stand a visit and were very impressed with Roy's bridges, so a massive thumbs up for our bridge builder. The other highlight of course was once again meeting up with the team from the Forth and Clyde Group with their excellent layout Mearns Shed.

Below photographs taken by Tony during the weekend and two of Mike's latest building.

Faery Bridge

Alasdair Campbell's Jumbo

Mike's latest model building of 16 Caledonian Place

The Perth Exhibition would not be complete without the Saturday night exhibitor's BBQ at Wester Pickson Railway

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