Sunday 21 August 2022

Dunallander 21st August 2022

We have now had our second meeting in two weeks signalling that we are getting back to holding regular meetings which is great news. The meeting revolved around planning our work schedule. Mike also brought along his buildings and the following photographs show these is place.
Our next meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday 30th August at 19.30 and will involve preparing the track ready for painting and ballasting prior to building and laying the platforms.

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Dunallander 9th august 2022

Although there have been a couple of meetings this is the first I have been able to attend since everything went pear shaped. It was great to meet up again with Roy and Tony and to see all the great work Roy has carried out along with some of Mike's buildings. Hopefully we can now kick start things off with regular meetings and the intention is to bring the station board to the Aberdeen exhibition in October so we will be working on that board first. Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday 20th August. Below Roy and Tony take a well deserved tea break.