Sunday 1 October 2023

Dunallander Sunday 1st October

We are currently meeting every Tuesday evening preparing for the Aberdeen Exhibition on the 28th / 29th October.

Roy continues his work on the non scenic boards and cassettes and recently discovered a problem with some of the wiring on the scenic boards which he has resolved.

Tony has completed tidying up the ballast and has been testing some of the layout's locomotives and discovered a few problems. Tony attended this weekends Locomotive Workshop organised by the Forth and Clyde Group and took the opportunity to take a couple of the problem locos with him and enlisted the help of Jim Watt and Alisdair Campbell. Mick Simpson has also come to our aid and is looking at a couple of locos.

Work is progressing with the new platforms.

Mike has continued to produce the layout's buildings, the latest of which are shown below.

The Weighbridge

Dunblane Hotel

The Garage Showroom and Rear Workshop