Tuesday 29 March 2022

Dunallander Update March 29th 2022

An update on the work Roy has been carrying out on add-on "town" Boards. The road surface needed to be higher, so the 4mm ply top surface has been elevated on 6mm ply pieces to bring it up to the level of the platform top as shown below.
Roy then filled in the gap between the platform and the town boards with similar 4mm ply cut to size and mounted on 6mm ply blocks,
The final photo shows the station board with the town boards removed. Tongues of 6mm ply on the town board fit into recesses under the new road sections on the main board.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Dunallander Update Wednesday 9th March 2022

During last Saturday's meeting gave the first opportunity to lay out Mike's buildings on the nearly complete town area baseboards. Here is a view of the town area
Here is a wider view with the station buildings.
The most challenging building to fit was the Railway Hotel. The road is on a gentle incline, and the footpath adjacent to the hotel descends more steeply via a flight of stairs (still to be added). A slight adjustment was required but it now fits nicely.
Another view from the top of the street.