Sunday 8 August 2021

Grampian Area Meeting 7th August 2021

At last! After nearly 18 months we have finally been able to get together and also meet one of our new members Paul Doyle. We met in Tony's back garden with gazebo duly errected due to the forecast, but thankfully the rain stayed away. A special thanks must go to Tony's son John and Paul for supplying delicious chocolate brownies and Tony for the tea an coffee.
L to R Paul, Mike, Tony and Roy. The meeting took on the shape of a Show and Tell which was great and Mike showed his workings for a future article on buildings and also some new buildings for Dunallander, Victoria Hall and a house picured below.
Paul also showed some of his buildings for his new layout, Collieston Church and some of the buildings of Glen Garioch Distillary
A very good afternoon get together and who knows life may just get back to normal some day soon.