Saturday 9 September 2023

Dunallander Saturday 9th September

Although this is our first blog since May we have not been idle, but unfortunately the tasks we have been carrying out have been of the more 'Less Sexy' but necessary catagory. Ballasting of the main lines has been completed and Tony is now busy carrying out the tidying up operation following a good vacuming and ensuring all the lines are clear of those odd annoying little pieces of ballast that get stuck to the inside of the track.

Roy has again completed an immense amount of work on the scenic boards and has now turned his attention to the non-scenic boards getting ready for the Aberdeen exhibition on the 28th / 29th October. Roy has also made new Cassettes, which are a great piece of model engineering and will be the subject of a later post.

Tony has also been carrying out work on some of the layout's locomotives, again in preparation for the Aberdeen exhibition.

Work has commenced on the goods yard and replacing the temporary platforms.

Mike has been busy on some more of the excellent buildings, the Mill and the buildings at Bridgend, photographs of which are shown below.

Hopefully we will be at the stage soon where we can get back to posting more regular updates and be able to show our progress.

The Mill