Monday 22 February 2021

Dunallander Update 22/02/21

I am sure I speak for all when I say let us hope that there is finally light at the end of this long tunnel and we will once again be able to put on our favourite backpack, comb our greying locks (apologies to our younger members) and head for an exhibition and resume our group activities.
Meanwhile up in the GAG, Mike is taking some much earned rest from making his excellent buildings to carry out some work on his own ' Shunting Puzzle Layout' of Portsoy. The following photo is of Mike's completed Victoria Hall just awaiting weathering.

Tony is currently in the process of producing more Black Fives than Bachmann and the following is a photo of the various boilers, with domeless at the bottom, then 44709 and 44765 with the later boiler, then Perth's 44997 with an extra hole that needs filling, and finally five more of that type. The prototype is 44997, and that one has the handrail holes drilled as well. Tony is also converting a Jinty and doing some wheels for three 4F's to round off quite an impressive display.