Sunday 30 April 2023

Dunallander Saturday 29th April

After all the disruption over the past few years it is great that we are now getting back to meeting every Tuesday evening and have now had a very enjoyable and productive meeting on Saturday. We have managed to get the bulk of the ballasting done on the points at the station throat which we should be able to complete at our next meeting. Roy has also made massive progress on the scenics of the Viaduct board which we intend to take with us to the Mini Meet on the 20th May and Mike has continued to put together his very impressive buildings which we put in situ on Saturday to take photographs for this post. A very special thanks must also go to Roy's wife Margaret for a very welcome break in the ballasting to supply us with some delicious butternut squash soup for lunch. (It was noted that we all had more than one helping). The following photographs are all from the station end of the layout and it is intended to take photographs of the scenic work at the viaduct end of the layout at the next meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday Evening 2nd May and will be on our next post.
L to R Tony, Roy and Mike
The following are of the abattoir which Mike has just completed.

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